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Planning Lead at Teehan+Lax by day. Pilot, brewer, photographer by night.
I occasionally blog about technology, photography, marketing, ideas, and creativity.
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Texas Buffalo. Caprock Canyons State Park. 2013.

buffalo ✳ photography ✳ animals ✳ wildlife ✳ texas 


A few photos that I never got around to posting from a photo walk last year.

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Horses. Göreme, Turkey. 2012.

turkey ✳ travel ✳ horses ✳ photography ✳ cappadocia 


Coney Island, New York, 2012.

photography ✳ coney island ✳ new york 


The Mountain. Beautiful time-lapse photography.

video ✳ landscape ✳ nature ✳ time lapse ✳ photography 


Hey, look! I’m in one of Ren Bostelaar’s daily photos. If you haven’t checked out his 300 project, it’s well worth your time.

He’s always been a great photographer, but I think this project has forced him to become and even more interesting and creative photographer.


#110: 20-1-2012 - Shadows, Toronto



#38: Valuing What You Do

Sean Howard & Eric Portelance

Attention Surplus

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A brand new episode of Attention Surplus, with the triumphant return of “Junk Sean.” And, announcing our first contest. You could win signed photo printed from me, Sean, and our mystery guest.


It’s easy to judge ourselves by what we haven’t finished or aren’t getting done. What if we were to look instead at all the things we have accomplished?

Plus: how and when to say no, and the return of Junk Sean.

Announcing our first contest! Leave a comment and guess the name of our special guest (who will join us for next week’s episode) and win not one but three signed photo prints – one each from Sean, Eric and our mystery guest!

We mention:

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Bangkok, Thailand, 2011.

bangkok ✳ thailand ✳ travel ✳ photography 


Bangkok Train Station, 2011.

photography ✳ bangkok ✳ thailand ✳ travel ✳ tourism